Service justice system experiences of female ex-service personnel who are victims of military sexual violence

Project Summary:

Much research has identified servicewomen’s disproportionate risk of experiencing sexual violence in the military; however, there remains very little research looking at the service justice response when women report these offences. 

This project seeks to gain insight into servicewomen’s experiences of sexual offences in the UK military and to examine the response offered by the military and service justice system, and any potential barriers to justice faced in reporting offences. It is hoped that the findings produced from this research will drive actionable recommendations for change, to better support servicewomen’s pursuit of justice for these offences.

This project is a collaboration between the CMWR and the Criminology department at Anglia Ruskin University.

Participate in this project:

This project is still recruiting participants. The study is open to all ex-servicewomen who have personal experience as a victim of a sexual offence in the UK Armed Forces. Sexual offences cover a range of inappropriate sexual behaviour, this might include sexual assault, inappropriate sexual touching, exposure, sexual assault, assault by penetration or rape.

Taking part will involve a virtual interview on Microsoft Teams. As a thank you in exchange for your time, we will make a £20 donation to a charity of your choice (Rape crisis, or Salute Her!).

Enter your details below to register you interest, and you will be sent more information on this project and contacted by our research team. There is no obligation to continue with the study once you register your interest. The research team will be available to discuss with you any aspect of the project you may have questions about.


Project Outputs:

You can read more on the preliminary research that formed the basis of this project below.

Same-sex sexual violence in the military: A scoping review | Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (