Research Reports and Publications

Making research accessible

We recognise the importance of making research with military women visible and accessible, to enable stakeholders to utilise the findings to create positive change for this community.

Within these pages you will find research and publications from the Centre for Military Women’s Research (CMWR) and the broader research community in the UK. Over time we intend to develop this into a comprehensive international research repository for military women’s research.

If you have any relevant research outputs you would like us to include, please get in touch at

Health & Wellbeing

Research exploring the health and wellbeing of women in the military community

Treat everyone like they’re a man’: Stakeholder perspectives on the provision of health and social care support for female veterans in the UK (2022) Lauren Godier-McBard, Nicola Gillin, and Matt Fossey

We Also Served Report (2021) Lauren Godier-McBard, Nicola Gillin and Matt Fossey

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Mental Health

Research focusing on mental health needs and experiences of women in the military community

Gender differences in barriers to mental healthcare for UK military veterans: a preliminary investigation (2022) Lauren Godier-McBard, Graham Cable, Abigail Wood, and Matt Fossey

Barriers and facilitators to mental healthcare for women veterans: a scoping review (2022) Lauren Godier-McBard, Abigail Wood, Manjana Kohomange, Graham Cable, and Matt Fossey

Perception of Women in the Military Community

Research exploring perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of women in the military community

Public attitudes towards women who have served in the UK Armed Forces: Findings from a household survey (2022) Lauren Godier-McBard

Sexual Violence

Research that considers sexual violence in the Armed Forces and its impact on women in the military community

Same-sex sexual violence in the military: A scoping review  (2019) Lauren Godier-McBard, and Michelle Jones

Addressing the knowledge gap: sexual violence and harassment in the UK Armed Forces (2017) Lauren Godier-McBard, and Matt Fossey

Military Partners

Research that explores the experiences of military partners

Confident, valued and supported: Examining the benefits of employment support for military spouses (2020) Lauren Godier-McBard, Nick Caddick, and Matt Fossey

Bringing the Homefront to the Forefront: UK perspectives on critical research with military spouses (2021) Emma Long, Alice Cree, Crowe-Urbaniak, Sergio Catignani, Hilary Engward, Lauren Godier-McBard, Harriet Gray, Eleonora Natale, Alison Osborne, Hannah West, and Nick Caddick

Evaluation of the Ministry of Defence Spouse Employment Support Trial (2018) Nick Caddick, Lauren Godier-McBard, Antonio Sanchez-Vazquez, Chris Ivory, and Matt Fossey

“Getting through the door”: Access, incentives, and barriers to recruitment in Military Wives Choirs (2023) Jodie Bloska, Lauren Godier-McBard, Hannah Merchant, Helen Odell-Miller, and Matt Fossey

SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, Stepping Stone Home: Supporting women and children of the Armed Forces community: a service evaluation (2023) Louise Morgan

Barriers to help-seeking for domestic abuse within the British Armed Forces: Experiences of female civilians accessing support from a military refuge (2023) Louise Morgan